Engineers Australia is looking toward a green future for the country’s large-scale industrial works.

Engineers Australia’s Sustainable Engineering Society has called for the Climate Change Authority to examine higher emission reduction targets.

“Engineers Australia has recommended that the Climate Change Authority investigates targets of 25 percent emissions reductions and above as appropriate trajectories that Australia should target by 2020,” said Chair of the Sustainable Engineering Society, Lara Harland.

“While the CCA review suggests that there has historically been action taken by successive Australian governments in this climate action space, it would currently appear that bilateral agreements on our emissions targets fall short of what is necessary for Australia to contribute appropriately to strong global action... the average of three models presented in [a] recent paper resting between 3 and 4 degrees increase to global average temperature if current emission trends continue”

The engineering group said it hopes the CCA will provide a framework of regular short-term targets, reflecting the strong action required to keep atmospheric carbon below the level considered dangerous for human interference with climate systems.

The full Sustainable Engineering Society submission to the Climate Change Authority can be downloaded online.